We carry only the highest quality natural foods, treats, and toys, beloved by pets all over Portland.

Friendly and helpful staff. Wide variety of products offered at reasonable prices. Your dog will be offered a treat and there is always fresh water available from your pet. We feel we get personal attention in a pet friendly environment.

Joseph S.★★★★★ (May 2016)Google+

One of my all-time favorites. I especially appreciate that even when I am helped by a new employee that I’ve never met I still get the same friendly informative service that I’m used to.  

Jerome Tupper★★★★★ (May 2019)

Amazing selection of high quality products.

Amy C.★★★★★ (March 2016)Google+

Have been purchasing dog treats for three years now from Pet Loft. Love the selection of healthy snacks and treats. When my 10 yr old boxer died they were so sweet to me. All my foster dogs have gotten treats from them and now my new adopted boxer gets his treats and even his coat from them.

Holly P.★★★★★ (Feb. 2016)Google+

Spoke to a sales person on the phone who was very informative. I love to give my business where people are like that. Gave me sizes and prices and hours.

Annie C.★★★★★ (Feb. 2016)Google+

I appreciate that the Pet Loft team first asks questions about my animals and setup before making suggestions, and then that all of them are so knowledgeable about the products they sell. Such a great neighborhood resource.

Tom S.★★★★★ (Jan. 2016)Facebook

You are great. The best toys and treats on the West side if not both sides.

Ryan BalFour★★★★★ (January 2016)Facebook

This is an awesome pet store; easily my favorite in Portland. The employees are so, so nice and informative! Great prices, too.

Aqua M.★★★★★ (Oct. 2015)Yelp.com

What ever it is that makes a pet store really good they have got it for sure. Great service, friendly, even kind of cool. I like this place.

Warren M.★★★★★ (Sept. 2015)Yelp.com

They have the most informative and friendly staff.

Arlene Mccartney★★★★★ (Sept. 2015)Google+

I started going to Pet Loft because of it’s location and have been pretty pleased with the service.  It has a big variety of items (I have a cat) and the staff are always welcoming and friendly.

Sean M.★★★★ (Sept. 2015)Yelp.com

We’ve been going here for years, and our fur baby loves this place – and what’s not to love when you are a dog in a pet store?! The Pet Loft carries a variety of food brands, especially for Gluten-sensitive pups.

Jenni D.★★★★★ (March 2015)Yelp.com

How many times do you leave your regular pet store and say “Wow, I love them,” after you leave? (Or any store, for that matter?)  It is every single time for me and my BF when we leave Pet Loft.

Chels J.★★★★★ (Sept. 2014)Yelp.com

This place is GREAT! I regularly go here to get my dog’s essentials. They have a HUGE selection of dog foods, and carry a wide variety of hard to find, quality brands for the cheapest price in town.

Google+ User★★★★★ (Aug. 2010)Google+

Expert, customer-specific advice

All the full time employees have been with Pet Loft for several years and between us we have over 30 years of experience working here! There are always at least two full time employees available to help you with any kind of question.

Focus on Local

Some of the best quality, most innovative pet supplies are made right here in the Northwest. From organic dog and cat foods to fantastic pet beds and even farm fresh catnip, you will find dozens of locally created items in our store.

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Find the purr-fect new friend

Through our partnership with Cat Adoption Team, we have found loving homes for 3,000+ cats since we opened our doors. The Adoption Center in our store focuses on adorable adult cats who have a harder time in shelters (everybody loves the kittens).
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Featured Partner

Cat Adoption Team Sherwood, Oregon

The Cat Adoption Team (CAT) is the Pacific Northwest’s largest non-profit, feline-only shelter. CAT was the first animal shelter in Oregon with its own full service veterinary hospital on site.

It’s worth the trip to Sherwood!

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